“Your help is a real blessing!”

My name is Bobby, and I want to thank you for thinking about me. It’s a scary time right now. You get to be my age and you’re dealing with a lot of health problems. Diabetes, heart trouble. The shape I’m in, I don’t dare leave the house.

I found out about the East Texas Food Bank on TV. Living on a fixed income like I do, it was tough having to pay people to help me get food. So I gave you all a call, and you’ve just been a real blessing in my life ever since!

You brought all sorts of groceries right to my doorstep. Peanut butter, milk, fresh produce—I’m so grateful to get so much good stuff for free. My grandson and his mom live with me, too, and they love the food we cook together.

I just want to say thank you again for remembering me. You’ve lifted a huge weight off of my shoulders, so I can stay home and stay healthy. I sit out on the porch and get some fresh air every day. I breathe easy because of you.

Because of your support, we were able to deliver food directly to local seniors when we were at the peak of the pandemic.

You can help our East Texas neighbors like Bobby by making an online gift, volunteering or holding a virtual food drive for your business or organization.

Fresh produce helps Barronda’s family


“Everything I get is important. I have cancer.”

That’s what Barronda shared with us during a recent produce distribution.

“My treatments take up a lot of my income,” she said. “So this helps balance things out for me and my family.”

Barronda said that because of her cancer and COVID, she wasn’t able to get out much. She appreciated the ability to drive-thru for the produce.

“It goes smooth and quick,” she said. “It’s so easy because I don’t have to get out of my car.”

Barronda told us she uses everything she gets as well. Her favorites are the cabbage and carrots.

“Nothing goes to waste,” she said adding that her daughter and grandson live with her as well.

Without volunteers, Barronda knows she would not be able to receive this fresh produce. She wanted to be sure they understood how grateful she was for their time.

“Thank you to the volunteers and to the food bank,” she said. “This is a big blessing. I teach my grandchildren about the value of giving back to others.”

To support East Texas families like Barronda, you can make a donation here or view all our volunteer opportunities and sign up here.


*Picture changed to protect privacy

Fresh produce helps Keith’s family in a time of need

For many of our East Texas neighbors who struggle with hunger, the COVID-19 pandemic placed an additional amount of stress on their families and limited budgets. With 1 in 5 East Texans, including 1 in 3 children, facing hunger today, the need for food assistance remains high.

We met Keith recently at one of our drive-thru produce distributions. He shared with us that it was his first time to receive help.

“I’ve been cut back at my restaurant job to bare minimum hours,” Keith said. “I went from 40+ hours a week to 20 to 25 hours. I’m blessed to be working at all, but that really strains my pocketbook.”

Keith lives with his wife and mother at home. Fortunately, none of them had been directly affected by the COVID-19 virus.

“My sister got COVID and several of my church members had it,” he said adding that his sister is much better now. “It was all around me, but we wanted to be especially careful because my mother is 77 years old.”

Keith told us he was very appreciative of receiving the fresh, healthy produce from the distribution, and can’t wait to use it.

“It’s a good thing for people like me who need it,” he said. “I appreciate it. My family appreciates it. Thank you to everyone that makes it possible.”

If you would like to help families like Keith’s that the East Texas Food Bank works to feed each day, you can make a donation online, volunteer with us or host a virtual food drive.

Your generosity keeps us nimble in the fight against hunger

When hunger skyrocketed last spring, friends like you responded. Together, you and the East Texas Food Bank served more neighbors than ever using a new drive-through model. When the food supply chain lagged, you were there with funds to fill the gap.

Thank you. Your generosity truly is the key to keeping us prepared in the ever-changing fight against hunger.

This spring, we need your help once again, as 1 in 5 East Texans continues to struggle. Recovery is slow for neighbors like Kaprenai and her husband, whose employment recently took a hit.

“I’m not working right now, and my husband isn’t working as much as he used to,” shares this local mom. “Our income just dropped suddenly.”

Kaprenai worried they wouldn’t be able to afford nutritious food for their young children. Then, she and her husband discovered a nearby food distribution…and their anxiety evaporated. You helped give them a food box full of fresh fruits and vegetables, cereal, peanut butter, dairy and more.

“This food will help out a lot,” Kaprenai smiles.

If you would like to help families like Kaprenai that the East Texas Food Bank serves each day, you can make a gift online, volunteer with us or have a virtual food drive for your business or organization.

Thank you for helping Jennifer get back on her feet

Hello. I’m Jennifer. This is my second trip ever to the East Texas Food Bank. My family never needed their help before, but then businesses started shutting down. Like a lot of folks around here, I lost my job really suddenly.

We tried to make ends meet for a while, but without my pay coming in, it was hard. There came a point when we just had to make the call: If we don’t ask for help, we’re going to go hungry.

So we came to a drive-through food distribution that was happening near us—and wow. I was blown away by how easy they made everything. It still broke my heart to see so many people lined up to get help, but the staff here are wonderful. They have a kind word for every last one of us.

We picked up a big load of milk, eggs, fresh produce and other basics that first time, and today, we got another couple weeks’ worth. We’re so appreciative—it really takes a lot of stress off!

There’s more good news: I just went back to work yesterday, so this food will help us get by until I get my first couple of paychecks. Then I hope we won’t have to use this resource so some of our other neighbors can benefit from it instead.

Thank you so much for helping my family get through this!