When times get hard, Teresa can count on you

I really don’t know what I would do if I didn’t have a place like this to turn to. The PATH food pantry in Tyler makes sure my husband and I don’t go hungry.

You see, we’re empty-nesters, but even though we’re only supporting ourselves these days, business is very slow at our small shop right now.

When we don’t get work, we have to come here. I think the colder months are hardest because utility bills go up. Rent, utilities, food to put on the table—those are our biggest expenses.

At the food pantry, we can pick up fruits and vegetables, canned goods, meat, and bread. Then at Thanksgiving, they give you everything you need for dinner: your turkey, your dressing, your sweets. You don’t miss out on anything!

Thank you for helping us get through every night and day. We appreciate you.

You can help more out-of-work neighbors in time for the holidays. Give now and we will put your gift to work right away!

First-time guest takes home food and solace

Maybe you can’t see it because of my mask, but I am all smiles right now!

My name is Delois, and this is the first time I’ve visited the East Texas Food Bank’s drive-through distribution. They just put a big box of food in the trunk and we’re about to head out, but I wanted to tell you first: This food is going to benefit me a lot. It’s just a blessing!

I never needed food assistance before, but between my disability and COVID-19, we were having trouble affording enough food at home. T

Thankfully, I found the beautiful people at this place. I can’t even believe how eager they were to give me everything I needed—canned goods and fresh produce, too. What a comfort in this scary time!

Thank you to everybody who’s helping. This is a lot of help to a lot of people!

Kindhearted friends like you have enabled our network of partner agencies and feeding programs—including Delois’s local pantry—to keep up with the tremendous need this year. Thank you for caring!

Celebrating Thanksgiving with “Chef Judy”

When I moved with my kids from Houston to Kilgore, I was hoping we had left hunger behind. However, because I live with a disability, my income is very limited. I can barely pay the rent and other bills.As much as I loved my new community, my family’s struggles with hunger weren’t over. It’s just so hard to buy healthy food because the prices are so high. Turns out, I had moved to a town full of caring neighbors who wanted to help!

The Helping Hands Food Pantry in Kilgore, a partner agency of the East Texas Food Bank, welcomed me with open arms. They made me feel like this pantry exists to serve folks like me, who just need a little help making ends meet. I really appreciate what they’re doing, and I love preparing everything I receive: fresh produce, pasta, meat, and more. Now, I don’t think I’m a good cook—but my son does! I think he might like my Thanksgiving turkey best.

We get one every year at the food pantry. I cook it overnight, and then the next morning it’s real tender—falling off the bone!

Thank you for helping neighbors like Judy at the holidays and all year-round. Due to the pandemic, we’re expecting to serve more families at every single one of our partner agencies and feeding programs this holiday season. Your gift today will provide hearty holiday fare—and hope!

Being a light in a time of need

My name is Coby, and I’m a salon owner here in Tyler. The coronavirus left me out of work for a time. I was grateful to spend more time with my children to help with their schoolwork, but I also had more time to stress and worry about bills and all the uncertainty. That’s why I decided to volunteer.

I felt like it was a time to be safe, but also a time to help if I could. I saw an ad on TV about East Texas Food Bank providing meals and I immediately called to offer my help.

From talking to people in our community here, I have realized what dark times this is for so many. I hope people see there is a light and that you can help someone in need.

You see the best in people in the worst of times. We’re determined to be part of the best by helping the East Texas Food Bank. I think together, we can help each other get through these difficult times.

We are so grateful to Coby and all our volunteers for being so generous with their time! You have all been a vital part of East Texas recovering and growing stronger through challenging circumstances.

To learn more about how you can volunteer, click here.

Helping seniors stay healthy and thrive

I’m Nadia, and even though I haven’t had coronavirus, it has impacted my day-to-day life. Receiving a food box from the senior delivery program has helped me so much. Before they came with the food box, I was running low on canned goods because I can’t go to pantries right now when I need help.

I work in at-home healthcare, and they don’t want us going into homes right now. I haven’t been able to work like I usually do.

I have diabetes and high blood pressure, so I’m staying home and not visiting my family or grandchildren. It’s very difficult when you are used to working and being out and about.

The food box I’ve received makes such a big difference for me right now. I have rice, canned peaches, peas, corn and more. I’m so appreciative to all the donors that make it possible. Thank you!

Your support is making a difference for seniors like Nadia across the East Texas area. Thank you for helping them have access to the food they need—delivered right to their door!