Donate Time

**The East Texas Food Bank Volunteer Center is currently open by appointment only**

Current Requirements for Volunteers

The East Texas Food Bank is welcoming back volunteers to our Nutrition Education and Volunteer Center!  Due to new procedures and capacity controls to limit COVID-19, we have the following requirements in place for volunteers:

  • Day shifts are by appointment only –  Appointments can be made by calling Volunteer & Guest Services Coordinator Lauren Alexander at 903.617.2016 or by email at  Shifts will have a limited number of volunteers.
    Groups must complete our Group Volunteer Application to inquire about scheduling.
Shift Availability (Monday – Thursday)

8:30 am to 11:30 am – Scheduled Groups (One Group Leader) of 5 -20 people only. No walk-Ins allowed at this time.
1:15 pm to 4:15 pm – Scheduled Groups (One Group Leader) of 5 -20 people only. No walk-ins allowed at this time.
5:15 pm to 8:15 pm – Community Service Volunteers only. Capacity is limited to 5 people. Sign up and select your time now.

Shift Availability (Friday)

8:30 am to 11:30 am – Scheduled Groups (One Group Leader) of 5 -20 people only. No walk-Ins allowed at this time.
**No afternoon or evening shifts available on Friday**

  • Masks will be Mandatory – All volunteers will be required to wear a mask while volunteering. Volunteers are encouraged to bring their own masks. Disposable masks will be provided for those who do not have one (while supplies last).
  • Temperatures will be taken before entering – Before entering the building, either the group leader or the individual volunteering will be responsible for taking their temperature(s). ETFB staff will provide the thermal thermometers as well as monitor for anyone that has a temperature over 100 degrees. If a temperature reading is over 100 degrees, the individual can wait 10 minutes and take their temperature again. If the second reading is 100 degrees or more, that individual will not be allowed to volunteer.
  • COVID 19 Screening Questionnaire – Screening questions will be asked of all volunteers before being allowed to enter.
  • Hands must be washed – After volunteers take their temperatures and before entering the kitting room, they must wash their hands. Hand washing will be enforced periodically throughout the volunteer shift and including after all breaks.

What are the guidelines to volunteer?

The East Texas Food Bank has established the following Volunteer Guidelines which all volunteers must follow. Volunteers must be at least 8 years old. Volunteers aged 8-15 need to be accompanied by an adult.