3,720,710 people struggle with hunger in Texas. Locally, 1 in 6 East Texans, including 1 in 4 children, are facing hunger and we find this unacceptable. The East Texas Food Bank advocates to protect and defend policies that seek to close the hunger gap at the federal, state and local levels. For a real and lasting impact in the fight against hunger, we need your voice to make ending hunger a priority. Working hand in hand with community leaders and policymakers, we can solve this problem.

How to be an advocate

When creating or changing policy, our elected officials must make tough decisions that may impact our ability to help close the hunger gap in East Texas. Faced with decisions that can impact millions of people, they are counting on hunger-fighters to help provide them with accurate and timely information. That’s where we need your help.

We know that when people contact their lawmakers, they listen. Help us make meaningful, sustainable progress toward a hunger-free Texas by advocating for your neighbors experiencing hunger. Here are resources on how to find and contact your representatives:

Legislative Priorities

Advocacy Contact

Rebecca Berkley
Communications & Marketing Director