Johnnie says thank you for helping her provide meals for her grandchildren

Johnnie- Blog Story

Many of our East Texas seniors are facing hunger today. They make tough decisions on whether to pay for needed medications, utility bills or purchase food. In addition, many are also now caring for other family members.

We met Johnnie at an East Texas Food Bank partner agency recently as she was picking up food. She told us that she is taking care of her four grandchildren, ranging in age from 7 to 10 years old.

“I’m a pretty good grandparent,” Johnnie shared with us. “I work almost every day, six days a week. I don’t make a lot of money, but I want what’s best for the grandkids. You know, I want them to have better than what I had.”

Johnnie said that she started visiting the pantry because the food stamps she received just wasn’t enough.

“When I come here, the food items I get really help us,” she said. “I’m able to pay a few more bills and make sure the kids have clothes on their backs. It’s reliving for sure.”

Johnnie said she loves when fresh produce is available like strawberries, oranges and apples.

“It’s always a good variety,” she said. “Everyone here is so helpful.”

Johnnie encourages other seniors like her to reach out if they need help.

“Don’t give up,” she said. “You just have to get up and go get it. I am so thankful. I want to say thank you because we are blessed there are places like this and the food bank that will help.”

Learn more about how the East Texas Food Bank is helping seniors today through our Senior Box Program.