Marsha turned to food pantry when she “didn’t have anything”

Marsha - Blog Story

We met Marsha while she was visiting an East Texas Food Bank pantry partner. She lives alone now since her family moved to Dallas.

“I love to be around my family and like to travel,” she said. Marsha has two girls and two grandchildren.

Marsha retired in 2014 after years of being a cake decorator at a grocery store. She said with her current health conditions it has become much tougher to afford food and medications.

“I’m diabetic, have high blood pressure and arthritis,” she said.

Marsha said that she visited the pantry the first time because she was out of food at home. She also didn’t want to burden her children because “they are trying to take care of their kids too.”

“I didn’t have anything and a friend of mine said to go down there and they will help you,” she said. “I came here, got groceries and was so happy.”

Of the food items she received, Marsha was glad to have some healthy items to help with her diabetes.

“The healthy food helps a lot,” she said. “I can’t tell the difference in the taste, so it’s really the same to me.”

Marsha is appreciative of everyone that helps the East Texas Food Bank and at the pantries.

“There are some loving, kind people and they take time out of their lives to help us,” she said. “Without them, we couldn’t make it. We’d be hungry so I thank you so much.”

If you would like to help families like Marsha’s that the East Texas Food Bank works to feed each day, you can make a donation onlinevolunteer with us or host a virtual food drive.