“It felt like Christmas. Even better when I opened the box and saw all the food.”

Mail delivery is always an exciting time for us here at the East Texas Food Bank. Not only do we receive generous gifts from our donors and supporters, we also get letters from families that have been helped by our partner food pantries and feeding programs. Today, we wanted to share one of these letters in their own words:

“Just wanted to tell you of my experience with the East Texas Food Bank. I was trying to pay off bills – I do not do owing money well. Every month I have made myself a very tight budget. My friend encouraged me to go to the food bank so I would have food and not have a big food bill. Maybe not the best reason. I would not have starved. While I was in line, (my friend) stayed on the phone with me so I would not ‘chicken out’. I have never done this before. This is what I experienced.

Fear of being judged – I was not judged. Humility, gratitude followed. Workers were so kind and joyous. At one point, I teared up because I was touched. I was uncomfortable to ask them not to put sweets in the box since I have diabetes. They did not make me feel bad. They gave me nuts which I can eat.

I live alone. It felt like Christmas. Even better when I opened the box and saw all the food. Not one thing did I not use.

I realized also from my friend that there is a culture around receiving this food. My friend shares with others that need it – as I have been a blessed recipient of the blessings. All of a sudden, I was cooking and looking up recipes and got out of the ‘dump’ I was in emotionally.

I thank you for the food ‘mission’ you are on. I was able to share with others and I was blessed!”

Letters like this are why we work every day in our mission of fighting hunger and feeding hope. You can help us by making a gift, volunteering or having a virtual food drive.