The East Texas Food Bank to Open Texarkana Resource Center and Pantry

The East Texas Food Bank (ETFB) will open on May 14, the new Texarkana Resource Center at 3019 S. Lake Dr. in Texarkana, TX as part of ETFB’s overall strategic plan to distribute more food and serve more people.

“The Texarkana Resource Center is located near low-income neighborhoods, where 9,000 people live below the federal poverty line,” said David Emerson, CEO of the East Texas Food Bank.

The Texarkana Resource Center will include a “Healthy Food Pantry” to provide nutritious food through a neighbor-choice distribution model, as well as an access point for other services meant to help families reach self-sufficiency. The center will be open several days a week including some evenings and weekends to increase access. The Benefits Assistance Program will also be available to help clients apply for SNAP and other social service benefits.

“We currently estimate that ETFB will serve 300 Bowie County households each week and provide 1,000,000 meals annually,” added Emerson.

“The food pantry is meant to serve households at or below the emergency food income guidelines,” said Kim Morris, ETFB Chief Impact Officer. “For example, a family of four would qualify to receive food if they make less than $55,500 per year. Other people who qualify to receive assistance are those experiencing a crisis such as a house fire, tornado, or extreme medical bills.”

According to “Map the Meal Gap,” an annual study conducted by Feeding America, an estimated 14 percent of Bowie County residents are food insecure and at risk of hunger, including almost 21 percent of children.

“Every day we encounter new neighbors who have never stepped foot into a pantry asking for assistance,” added Morris. “We want East Texans to know that we are here for you and want to be a resource for food as well as other services.”

“For over 33 years, ETFB has been a part of the Texarkana community through our 10 pantry partners, soup kitchens, senior box and children’s programs,” added Emerson. “This location will be open extended hours including Friday afternoon and Saturday morning when our other partners are closed. We also want to invite other non-profit agencies to have a booth on pantry days so they can offer their services to our neighbors.”

The Texarkana Resource Center has received generous funding from the T.L.L. Temple Foundation. Wynn Rosser, president and chief executive officer of the foundation, said, “rural East Texas has higher rates of food insecurity than our state and nation. The foundation is grateful ETFB is bringing this innovative approach to Texarkana where they will be working alongside families and the community to ensure our neighbors thrive.”

“This is our fourth resource center to open in East Texas,” said Emerson. “In 2021, we opened the Deep East Texas Resource Center in Lufkin, in October of 2023 we opened the Longview Resource Center, in December of 2023, we opened our Tyler Resource Center and now we are excited to open this branch in Texarkana.”

The Texarkana Resource Center Branch Manager is Shan Parks. Director of Engagement is Amber Adams. Eva Thomas is pantry/warehouse lead and Aaron Sanchez is pantry/warehouse associate.

For more information on how you can volunteer, donate, hours of operation or to see if you qualify for food assistance, please visit