Touring the East Texas Food Bank


Recently, Mark Robinson with Southwestern Electric Power Company, toured the East Texas Food Bank and made a generous donation. He was so struck by what he saw, that he wanted to share his experience with us.

“I was quite pleased when the American Electric Power Foundation approved our funding request for holiday hunger programs in the East Texas area. One of our best regional partners for facilitating these types of programs is the East Texas Food Bank. While I always enjoy the large check presentation, what really impressed me was the “behind the scenes” facility tour. I viewed their nutritious cooking training program, their after school backpack program, and their large order palletizing process. With great passion, the staff communicated the overwhelming need, the role of proper nutrition and the importance of their client’s dignity.

As we passed the packaging section, I saw several dented cereal boxes and was struck by a memory from my youth. Usually, our family would buy the damaged discount products to make our finances stretch. But, I specifically remember going to the cupboards in our home and having no food to eat. I remember the pain in my parent’s voice when they informed us we didn’t have the money to buy food. I can still mentally return to our family huddle where we prayed for provision. I distinctly recall to love of neighbors and friends who met us in our need and gave us three car loads of groceries. To a young child, it was like Christmas!

As I left the East Texas Food Bank, I was reminded how blessed I am to work for a company provides a stable income for my family while investing in the communities it serves. It truly is the culture of our employees to reach out a helping hand when presented with a need. I’m looking forward to 2021, but 2020 held a lot of truth for me.”

Their generous donation will provide up to 320,000 for East Texas children, families and seniors facing huger. Mark added “If this year you have been blessed with extra, please consider finding a family in need and paying it forward.” If you would like to donate to the East Texas Food Bank, click here. Every $1 donated provides up to 8 meals for our neighbors in need.