When times get hard, Teresa can count on you

I really don’t know what I would do if I didn’t have a place like this to turn to. The PATH food pantry in Tyler makes sure my husband and I don’t go hungry.

You see, we’re empty-nesters, but even though we’re only supporting ourselves these days, business is very slow at our small shop right now.

When we don’t get work, we have to come here. I think the colder months are hardest because utility bills go up. Rent, utilities, food to put on the table—those are our biggest expenses.

At the food pantry, we can pick up fruits and vegetables, canned goods, meat, and bread. Then at Thanksgiving, they give you everything you need for dinner: your turkey, your dressing, your sweets. You don’t miss out on anything!

Thank you for helping us get through every night and day. We appreciate you.

You can help more out-of-work neighbors in time for the holidays. Give now and we will put your gift to work right away!