First-time guest takes home food and solace

Maybe you can’t see it because of my mask, but I am all smiles right now!

My name is Delois, and this is the first time I’ve visited the East Texas Food Bank’s drive-through distribution. They just put a big box of food in the trunk and we’re about to head out, but I wanted to tell you first: This food is going to benefit me a lot. It’s just a blessing!

I never needed food assistance before, but between my disability and COVID-19, we were having trouble affording enough food at home.

Thankfully, I found the beautiful people at this place. I can’t even believe how eager they were to give me everything I needed—canned goods and fresh produce, too. What a comfort in this scary time!

Thank you to everybody who’s helping. This is a lot of help to a lot of people!

Kindhearted friends like you have enabled our network of partner agencies and feeding programs—including Delois’s local pantry—to keep up with the tremendous need this year. Thank you for caring!