You’ve helped feed my family at a difficult time

My name is Beth, and I’m a single mom with a 4-year-old son and 2-year-old daughter. My daughter has seizures, to the point where I cannot put her in day care and work, so I stay home to take care of my children. Providing enough food for them every day is a struggle.

When the stay-at-home orders began due to coronavirus, it made getting food even more difficult for us. The store was often out of supplies and even if they had everything, I couldn’t always afford what we needed with rising prices.

My daughter’s health concerns have kept us going back and forth to the doctor a lot recently, and that has been tough. We haven’t really been able to go anywhere else.

Your support helps me put food on the table.

It’s been pretty rough lately, and that’s why I started coming to the East Texas Food Bank drive-thru distributions, and the food boxes we receive here have been very important to us.

A friend suggested this food distribution to me, and I’ve been so grateful. I’m very thankful for everybody that has helped. My son enjoys getting to have the food, and he knows it’s helping us too. Thank you!

Your generosity and compassion mean so much to our East Texas neighbors in need. The food you provide helps families like Beth’s stay healthy and get through a challenging time. Click here to help provide more meals to families like Beth’s.