Helping seniors stay healthy and thrive

I’m Nadia, and even though I haven’t had coronavirus, it has impacted my day-to-day life. Receiving a food box from the senior delivery program has helped me so much. Before they came with the food box, I was running low on canned goods because I can’t go to pantries right now when I need help.

I work in at-home healthcare, and they don’t want us going into homes right now. I haven’t been able to work like I usually do.

I have diabetes and high blood pressure, so I’m staying home and not visiting my family or grandchildren. It’s very difficult when you are used to working and being out and about.

The food box I’ve received makes such a big difference for me right now. I have rice, canned peaches, peas, corn and more. I’m so appreciative to all the donors that make it possible. Thank you!

Your support is making a difference for seniors like Nadia across the East Texas area. Thank you for helping them have access to the food they need—delivered right to their door!