The Importance of Supporting Your Local Food Bank and 5 Reasons to Get Involved

Food banks provide a valuable and lifesaving service to over 40 million people who are living in food-insecure households. Without support from volunteers throughout a community, food banks are unable to provide food to the people who need it most.

Are you thinking about getting involved in your community? Here are some more reasons to consider volunteering at and supporting your local food bank.

Supporting a Food Bank is Easy

There are many ways to support your local food bank. Whether you give a financial donation, organize a food drive, donate a grocery bag of canned goods every few months, or even head to your local food bank and help organize incoming donations, showing your support is easy.

Since most food banks rely solely on donations and volunteers if you want to volunteer, all you need to do is support your local food bank and ask how you can help.

Just One Person’s Support Can Make a Difference

Food insecurity is a big issue throughout the U.S., and it may feel like there’s not much you can do to help. You may wonder how “just you” can help or if you make a difference. Even if you make a small donation every year or a few canned food items a month, you are helping food banks keep their shelves stocked and providing more food to the people who benefit from the service.

Never doubt the value of your support at a food bank. Whether you volunteer regularly or just a few times a year, your actions make a difference.

Donations and Volunteers Help Feed a Community

If you live in a feed secure household, you may never know the feeling of being hungry or the stress and worry of being able to provide a healthy meal for your young children. Food is a basic human need, yet there are millions of Americans who are hungry and struggle with food insecurity every day.

While food kitchens provide a valuable service to communities, they don’t erase the need for food banks. The East Texas Food Bank provides nutritious food for people of all ages, particularly infants, children, and the elderly who are most vulnerable when it comes to hunger.

Providing Assistance in Emergency Situations

Food banks are well known for providing food to families for weekly meals, but many food banks are available for help during emergencies such as natural disasters. By getting involved with and supporting a food bank, you are helping others in your community during all types of situations, whether it’s a personal crisis or something that affects the whole community.

Volunteerism is Good for Everyone

Whether you and your family would like to get more involved in your community or you are a business owner, volunteering in your community (particularly at a local food bank) is good for everyone.

Volunteering not only helps you make stronger connections within your community but volunteerism can improve social skills, lower stress levels, and improve physical and mental health overall.