Winnsboro Pantry Raid

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Mineola High School and Winnsboro High School are coming together for the first time before their football game on October 20, to provide meals for hungry East Texans.

“We are excited that two new school districts are holding their own pantry raid to benefit the East Texas Food Bank (ETFB),” said David Emerson, CEO of the ETFB. “It’s incredible to have students come together and create their own food drive to help so many people who need food in their own community.”

Winnsboro ISD covers students in three East Texas counties including Wood, Franklin and Hopkins while Mineola is in Wood County.

According to the Feeding America study Map the Meal Gap, almost 15% of Wood County residents, including approximately 19% of children, are food-insecure, and at risk of hunger. In Franklin County, almost 12% of residents including 15% of children, are at risk of hunger while in Hopkins County, 13.6% of residents including 16.5% of children, are food-insecure.

Over the next few weeks, students at schools in both districts will hold virtual fundraisers for ETFB. The results will be announced at halftime during their football game on Friday, October 20, at Yellowjacket Stadium in Mineola.

All proceeds will stay in each respected community to assist with programs that feed hungry East Texans.

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