Staying healthy during the holidays


The holidays are here! That means more visits with family and friends and more delicious food to eat. But how can we stay on track with our normal diet with all of the delectable goodness? Here are some quick tips and trips to make sure you aren’t letting the holiday feasts get the best of you.

  1. Snacks and Apps
    Snacks and appetizers are an easy way to overeat and consume extra calories without realizing it. Instead of filling up on sweet snacks offered, you can offer to bring a vegetable tray to snack on, bring your own snacks to keep you on track, or just opt out of snacking between meals. You can also eat your dose of fruits and veggies before going out to that holiday party!
  1. Sweet Tooth
    Holidays always come with endless sweet options such as cookies, brownies, cakes, pies, hot chocolate, etc. Before indulging in every sweet dessert possible, consider just picking an appropriate serving of your favorite dessert and pairing it with fruit. Fruit is a great way to get in natural sugars that help satisfy your cravings.
  1. Meals Outside the Party
    If you know you are going to go to a big Thanksgiving dinner that night, make sure you eat right for your other meals! Make sure you get your fruits and vegetables beforehand and try to keep the portions small to compensate for the dinner if it is bigger than what you usually eat.
  1. Don’t Skip the Favorites
    It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Don’t skip over the favorite entrees that you love! Make sure the proportion is appropriate, but don’t cut it out altogether. Enjoy!
  1. Buffer the Buffett
    Don’t let the rows of food fool you! Have a plate of food and step away from the buffet. Lessen your appetite by having a snack of vegetables before starting the feast! Don’t forget to eat slowly to help your brain recognize when you are full.
  1. Keep Moving
    You might be tempted to sleep or rest after the parties are over, but it is important to get in your daily dose of activity! Go for a walk after your meal, play an active game in the yard with the family, or make sure to park at the back of the parking lot to get more activity while doing your holiday necessities! This will also help keep the stress off!
  1. Stress Less
    Stress can get the best of us during the holidays when our responsibilities pile up on us and lead to more stress eating. Don’t forget to take a breath and enjoy yourself. Make sure you have a plan to destress during the day whether it be spending valuable time with loved ones, breathing exercises, or exercising in general!
  1. Stay Safe
    Don’t forget the importance of food safety. Be aware of appropriate temperatures for foods to be cooked to, stored in, and held at for a specific time period. Don’t forget to wash your hands before, during, and after dealing with food preparation and when spending a lot of time with others.

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