“Your help is a real blessing!”

My name is Bobby, and I want to thank you for thinking about me. It’s a scary time right now. You get to be my age and you’re dealing with a lot of health problems. Diabetes, heart trouble. The shape I’m in, I don’t dare leave the house.

I found out about the East Texas Food Bank on TV. Living on a fixed income like I do, it was tough having to pay people to help me get food. So I gave you all a call, and you’ve just been a real blessing in my life ever since!

You brought all sorts of groceries right to my doorstep. Peanut butter, milk, fresh produce—I’m so grateful to get so much good stuff for free. My grandson and his mom live with me, too, and they love the food we cook together.

I just want to say thank you again for remembering me. You’ve lifted a huge weight off of my shoulders, so I can stay home and stay healthy. I sit out on the porch and get some fresh air every day. I breathe easy because of you.

Because of your support, we were able to deliver food directly to local seniors when we were at the peak of the pandemic.

You can help our East Texas neighbors like Bobby by making an online gift, volunteering or holding a virtual food drive for your business or organization.