Fresh produce helps Barronda’s family


“Everything I get is important. I have cancer.”

That’s what Barronda shared with us during a recent produce distribution.

“My treatments take up a lot of my income,” she said. “So this helps balance things out for me and my family.”

Barronda said that because of her cancer and COVID, she wasn’t able to get out much. She appreciated the ability to drive-thru for the produce.

“It goes smooth and quick,” she said. “It’s so easy because I don’t have to get out of my car.”

Barronda told us she uses everything she gets as well. Her favorites are the cabbage and carrots.

“Nothing goes to waste,” she said adding that her daughter and grandson live with her as well.

Without volunteers, Barronda knows she would not be able to receive this fresh produce. She wanted to be sure they understood how grateful she was for their time.

“Thank you to the volunteers and to the food bank,” she said. “This is a big blessing. I teach my grandchildren about the value of giving back to others.”

To support East Texas families like Barronda, you can make a donation here or view all our volunteer opportunities and sign up here.


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