Your generosity keeps us nimble in the fight against hunger

When hunger skyrocketed last spring, friends like you responded. Together, you and the East Texas Food Bank served more neighbors than ever using a new drive-through model. When the food supply chain lagged, you were there with funds to fill the gap.

Thank you. Your generosity truly is the key to keeping us prepared in the ever-changing fight against hunger.

This spring, we need your help once again, as 1 in 5 East Texans continues to struggle. Recovery is slow for neighbors like Kaprenai and her husband, whose employment recently took a hit.

“I’m not working right now, and my husband isn’t working as much as he used to,” shares this local mom. “Our income just dropped suddenly.”

Kaprenai worried they wouldn’t be able to afford nutritious food for their young children. Then, she and her husband discovered a nearby food distribution…and their anxiety evaporated. You helped give them a food box full of fresh fruits and vegetables, cereal, peanut butter, dairy and more.

“This food will help out a lot,” Kaprenai smiles.

If you would like to help families like Kaprenai that the East Texas Food Bank serves each day, you can make a gift online, volunteer with us or have a virtual food drive for your business or organization.