Thank you for helping Jennifer get back on her feet

Hello. I’m Jennifer. This is my second trip ever to the East Texas Food Bank. My family never needed their help before, but then businesses started shutting down. Like a lot of folks around here, I lost my job really suddenly.

We tried to make ends meet for a while, but without my pay coming in, it was hard. There came a point when we just had to make the call: If we don’t ask for help, we’re going to go hungry.

So we came to a drive-through food distribution that was happening near us—and wow. I was blown away by how easy they made everything. It still broke my heart to see so many people lined up to get help, but the staff here are wonderful. They have a kind word for every last one of us.

We picked up a big load of milk, eggs, fresh produce and other basics that first time, and today, we got another couple weeks’ worth. We’re so appreciative—it really takes a lot of stress off!

There’s more good news: I just went back to work yesterday, so this food will help us get by until I get my first couple of paychecks. Then I hope we won’t have to use this resource so some of our other neighbors can benefit from it instead.

Thank you so much for helping my family get through this!