Drive thru distributions to help those in need of food assistance during COVID-19 pandemic

In response to COVID-19, the East Texas Food Bank is holding weekly drive-thru emergency food box distributions. We will be distributing emergency food boxes and two gallons of milk to each household. The distributions will be at the East Texas State Fairgrounds from 10 am-12pm (while supplies last).

The boxes are an added layer on top of the 21.3 million meals ETFB distributes every year. The boxes contain shelf-stable groceries such as dried beans, rice, pasta and canned meat, fruits and vegetables. Each box will provide items for 16 meals.

To receive a free box, community members just need to provide their name and address. There are no eligibility requirements or identification needed.

Click here for the full event details and dates.

How you can support out work:

  • Volunteer – help pack or distribute boxes
  • Donate – each emergency box costs $12