SNAP/Food Stamps

The East Texas Food Bank helps connect people with benefits they may be eligible for, such as SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) formerly known as Food Stamps, helping them feed themselves and their families.  Below are some common questions about SNAP/Food Stamps:

How do I receive SNAP benefits and what can I purchase?

Your monthly snap benefits are loaded onto the Lone Star Card.  This card can be used at the grocery store, just like a debit or gift card, to purchase groceries.  You can not purchase alcoholic drinks, hot food/foods that can only be eaten in the store or non-food items with the Lone Star Card.

What are the income guidelines?

 Household Size   Gross Monthy Income          
          1                        $1,276            
          2                        $1,726            
          3                        $2,177            
          4                        $2,628            
          5                        $3,078
Each Additional           +451 

How much do I receive in SNAP benefits each month?

 The amount you receive is based on how many people live with you and how much money you get from jobs & other sources.

I have a job, so this means I can't get SNAP benefits?

Many people that get money from jobs, retirement, child support and other sources can get SNAP benefits. You must have less than $5,000 in "countable resources" to qualify. Countable resources include: vehicles, cash, bank accounts and other things you own.

Do I have to have children to get SNAP benefits?

No, children do not have to be in the household to get SNAP benefits.

 How can I apply to receive SNAP benefits.

An East Texas Food Bank Outreach Specialist can help you complete an application by phone or personal visit by filling out the form below.  You may also visit these locations to receive assistance with SNAP.
**Please note: Our SNAP Outreach Specialists can only process applications for those in our service area.  You will be referred to another Texas food bank or 2-1-1 if we are unable to assist you.**

Request SNAP Information & Assistance

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**You may also receive SNAP Assistance at designated locations throughout our service area.**

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