East Texas Food Bank Volunteer Guidelines

• If you have a CERVIS profile, please sign into the kiosk once you arrive. This is how we keep track of volunteers on the premises, and all donated hours. When leaving the building between shifts, please clock out, then repeat the process if you return. If you do not have a CERVIS profile/PIN number, one will be given to you before you begin your first volunteer shift.

• As defined by local or federal law, persons with boils, sores, infected wounds, infections or any other communicable diseases are not permitted to contact food.If you suspect that you may have any relevant infectious disease or condition to which you may have been exposed, please notify ETFB personnel immediately.

• Please dress in compliance with the East Texas Food Bank Dress Code.

• Do not bring any illicit materials including but not limited to weapons, alcohol and/or narcotics within the premises.
The East Texas Food Bank is a Non-Smoking facility. Smoking is prohibited across the premises (including the parking lot). This includes E-Cigs and vapor materials.

• Please do not climb on or attempt to operate any of the machinery in the warehouse or production areas.

• As outline in the ETFB Chemical Control Program, do not use any chemicals (aerosols, degreasers, glass cleaners, insecticides, etc.) that are not designated for use by ETFB personnel.

• As defined by local or federal law, all volunteers must adhere to the ETFB Allergen Control Program. This program identifies required and recommended allergen management measures the East Texas Food Bank needs to follow so our agencies and clients benefit from safe and wholesome food.

• Please come to the East Texas Food Bank with a positive and compassionate attitude for feeding the hungry. Swearing, profanity, or disrespectful behavior in the production areas will not be tolerated under any conditions.

• All products donated to the Food Bank are designated for distribution to nonprofit member agencies only. Items deemed unfit for distribution must be thrown away. Volunteers found consuming donated food items on the job or removing donated food products from the premises will be subject for dismissal.

• Please make sure you arrive on time.

• The East Texas Food Bank is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged personal items.

• If you need any assistance with work of any kind or have a concern about another volunteer, please feel free to bring it to the attention of one of the ETFB Employees in the Volunteer Center.