Reach Your Nutrition Goals

  • Start with small changes

Instead of a diet overhaul, make small changes to what you eat and drink that will work for you now and in the future.

  • Take one day at a time

Sometimes things don’t go as planned, even with the best of intentions. If you miss one day or one milestone for your goal, don’t give up!

  • Be active your way

Pick activities you enjoy! If you focus on having fun or learning a new skill that interests you, you will be more likely to stick with it.

  • Team up

Find a friend with similar goals—swap healthy recipes and be active together. Staying on track is easier with support and a cheerleader

  • Celebrate successes

Think of each change as a “win” as you build positive habits and find ways to reach your goals. Reward yourself—you’ve earned it!

T.L.L. Temple Foundation awards more than $1 million to three Texas food banks

Lufkin, TX: The T.L.L. Temple Foundation (TLLTF) recently awarded grants totaling $1,069,788 to the East Texas Food Bank, Southeast Texas Food Bank and Trinity River Food Bank, to help people struggling with hunger. The East Texas Food Bank and Southeast Texas Food Bank received $255,312 each to help offset the higher costs of food due to inflation. Trinity River Food Bank received $559,164 to support operations of the food bank and their partner pantries, and to help with increased food costs.

“Our region has higher rates of food insecurity than the state and nation,” said Wynn Rosser, president and CEO of the T.L.L. Temple Foundation. “Alleviating food insecurity is one of the foundation’s highest priorities.”

The East Food Bank serves 11 counties within TLLTF’s 24-county service area: Bowie, Cass, Anderson, Cherokee, Rusk, Panola, Shelby, Houston, Nacogdoches, Angelina, and San Augustine.

“ETFB and the foundation have a history of working together to end hunger, and we are appreciative of their dedication to our service area,” said Dennis Cullinane, CEO of the East Texas Food Bank. “The costs of groceries is hurting so many of our neighbors and leaving many families with having to make decisions between paying utilities, rent and medicine or buying food. We are thankful for our partnership with the T.L.L. Temple Foundation and their goal of ensuring that hungry East Texans have access to healthy food.”

The Southeast Texas Food Bank serves 14,000 families a month in the foundation’s eight-county service areas of Hardin, Jasper, Jefferson, Newton, Orange, Polk, Sabine, and Tyler.

“More families are searching for nutritious foods that do not heavily burden an already challenging family budget and are turning to food pantries for support,” said Harvey Zernial, president and CEO of the Southeast Texas Food Bank. “This additional funding is allowing us to add variety to our offerings at no cost to the food pantries and the families. We are truly blessed with the partnership we have with the T.L.L. Temple Foundation and this support comes at a great time of need.”

“The T.L.L. Temple Foundation has provided Trinity River Food Bank with generous support to fight hunger in four rural East Texas counties over the next three years,” said Christine Shippey, president and CEO. “We are passionate about connecting East Texans with nutritious, affordable food to prevent the hunger epidemic from stunting bodies, minds, and dreams for the future. Foundation funding will help cover our core operating costs, expand the capacity of our partners, and extend our fleet of vehicles to serve remote parts of Liberty, San Jacinto, Trinity, and Walker counties.”

About T.L.L. Temple Foundation:  The T.L.L. Temple Foundation works alongside rural communities to build a thriving East Texas and to alleviate poverty, creating access and opportunities for all. Since its founding in 1962 by Mrs. Georgie Temple Munz, the T.L.L. Temple Foundation has invested more than $550 million primarily to strengthen communities in rural East Texas. For more information about the foundation, visit

Stay Healthy During the Holidays

With Christmas and New Years coming up, many people are worried that they have to miss out on the delicious casseroles and desserts to stay healthy. Some decide to give up on being healthy all together because they don’t want to miss out on the food. However, there are ways where you can both enjoy those holiday treats and stay healthy, which are listed below:

  1. Remember Your Fiber – Many holiday dishes don’t contain much fiber, so it is important to go for the ones that will meet your nutrient needs, like fruit salads or vegetable dishes. This way you can get nutrition with your holiday meal.
  2. Don’t Have an Empty Stomach – Before you go to the holiday party or make treats for yourself, make sure you aren’t famished. Grab a healthy piece of fruit or a handful of healthy granola to hold you over for the meal. This way your hunger will not overpower your health decisions when you fill your plate for dinner.
  3. Save the Calories for Your Meal – Alcohol and sugar sweetened drinks can pile on the calories without you realizing it. It is best to find lite options for drinks or to go for water. This way you have more room for the meal and dessert.
  4. Stay Active with Friends and Family – Moving your feet through fun dancing or walks through the neighborhood after your meal is a great way to incorporate physical activity in a fun way with the people you love.
  5. Everything in Moderation – It’s perfectly okay to eat the same dishes and desserts that you love to have during the holidays but remember to limit your portions to an amount that you would be satisfied with.
  6. Slow Down with Each Bite – Slowing down with your meals has shown to aid in digestion as well as allow more enjoyment of the meal. When you chew more and savor each bite, this allows you to be more in tune with your fullness level to keep you from overeating and feeling too full after a meal.
  7. Location, Location, Location – When waiting around with your friends and family before and after a meal, try to move the conversation away from the food area. When you are surrounded by delicious treats during leisurely experiences, you are more prone to eat without thinking or at least want more food than you are hungry for.
  8. Remember Why You are There – Holiday celebrations are for getting together with friends and family more than about the food. Remember to enjoy your time with them rather than focusing on what you’re going to eat.
  9. Choose Homemade Over Prepackaged – When deciding between holiday dishes, choose the ones that you know have been made from scratch. These dishes are going to have more natural ingredient and are the healthier option for the holidays.
  10. Have fun! – Remember that the holidays are for celebrating! If you don’t stay on top of your “diet”, don’t make yourself feel guilty. Enjoy your food, friends, and have fun!

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The tips featured in this blog post were developed by the USDA. For more information, visit

Whataburger hosting food drive in December

Visit a participating Whataburger location on Tuesday, December 13th from 4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. and receive a FREE Whataburger with a donation of 3 nonperishable food items. (Extra and limitations apply).

Whataburger Food Drive

Participating locations include:

  • 892 US Hwy 271 N, Gilmer, TX 75644
  • 311 S Main St, Lindale, TX 75771
  • 103 State Hwy 31 W, Chandler, TX 75758
  • 2200 N Pacific St, Mineola, TX 75773
  • 345 Southwest Loop 323, Tyler, TX 75702
  • 12445 State Hwy 64 E, Tyler, TX 75707
  • 2215 W Gentry Pkwy, Tyler, TX 75702
  • 1739 S Beckham Ave, Tyler, TX 75701
  • 1717 S Southeast Loop 323, Tyler, TX 75701
  • 6288 US Hwy 271, Tyler, TX 75708
  • 5003 Troup Hwy, Tyler, TX 75707
  • 630 US Hwy 79 N, Henderson, TX 75652
  • 108 N Henderson Blvd, Kilgore, TX 75662
  • 6241 Old Hwy 135 N, Kilgore, TX 75662
  • 5916 Old Jacksonville Hwy, Tyler TX 75703
  • 651 S Doctor M Roper Pkwy, Bullard, TX 75757
  • 6849 S Broadway Ave, Tyler, TX 75703
  • 16772 FM 2493, Tyler, TX 75703
  • 12405 Hwy 155 S, Tyler, TX 75703
  • 4825 S Broadway Tyler, TX 75703

12th Annual Charlie Brown Thanksgiving event returns to benefit the East Texas Food Bank

The East Texas Food Bank will hold the 12th annual Charlie Brown Thanksgiving event on Friday, November 11 at 5:30 p.m. at Bergfeld Park in Tyler.

The free event is open to the public. Snack bags with jelly beans, juice, pretzels, and popcorn will be distributed to children, while supplies last, to symbolize the goodies the kids had for their Thanksgiving meal in the Charlie Brown classic holiday special. The cartoon will be shown in the amphitheater and attendees are encouraged to bring blankets, chairs or seat cushions to make it an enjoyable experience.

“The Charlie Brown Thanksgiving is a great way for families to kick-off the holiday season,” said Dennis Cullinane, CEO of the East Texas Food Bank. “This event reminds East Texans about the true spirit of the Thanksgiving season and the needs of so many families impacted by hunger in our area. We are asking for donations of plastic jars of peanut butter. Peanut butter is high in protein and just one regular-size jar can make 16 sandwiches for a hungry family.”

Snoopy will make an appearance and children are welcome to take photos with everyone’s favorite beagle after the movie. Children can also enter a drawing to win a bicycle donated by Simpson’s Fitness and Adventure Sports in Whitehouse. The event is sponsored by Air Cybernetics, Inc., Chick-fil-A, Texas Bank and Trust and Vasso & Associates.