Healthy Pantry Program

Healthy Pantry Program MapETFB’s Healthy Pantry Program aims to make “the healthy choice the easy choice,” for clients by using marketing strategies to provide nutrition education in the food pantry setting. The goal of the project is to increase the distribution of Foods to Encourage (F2Es) through “nudges,” including product placement, priming through signage, recipe card display, shelf tags and food demonstrations.
Examples of F2Es: fresh/frozen fruits and vegetables, low-sodium canned vegetables, canned fruits in light syrup or 100% juice, 100% whole grains, lean meats, beans, eggs, nuts/seeds, and low-fat dairy products.


  • Troup Community Pantry
    Troup Community Food Pantry

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Materials Request Form for current pantries participating in the project.

Foods to Encourage (F2E) Criteria