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Food Company Donations

The East Texas Food Bank serves as a solution provider for your company by accepting food donations that can lead to cost savings, tax benefits and media exposure while protecting your company from liability.

To make a food donation or take a tour of our warehouse, email Rosemary McClain, Director of Food Sourcing or contact her by phone at 903.617.2025.

Why donate food?

     Tax deduction- The 1976 Federal Tax Law ( H.R. 10612 ) permits you to deduct all of the cost of producing, packaging and delivering your products-plus up to 50% of the difference between the cost and the fair market value.

     Cost savings- In salvaging food and non-food products, your company eliminates dumping cost.

     Inventory control- A food donation can help reduce your surplus of "hard-to-move" inventory.

     Company promotion- The East Texas Food Bank promotes our food donors through a variety of communications and marketing materials from our website to event signage and press outreach.

     Community goodwill- Your support and goodwill will win you the respect of the community.

     Proud staff- Your employees feel good about their company’s role in making a difference in the community.

How to donate

     Immediate food pickup- The East Texas Food Bank's fleet of trucks is on hand to pick up your donation as soon as they are notified.

     Efficient distribution- Your donation will be quickly distributed to those in need through our partner agencies programs, which are monitored to ensure that donated product does not reenter the marketplace.

     Instant feedback- Your donation will be tracked, documented and a receipt will be sent to you by mail.

     Legal protection- Your company is protected from liability by The Emerson Good Samaritan Food Donation Act, which is a federal law that provides national standards regarding food donations so that donors have consistent liability information.

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