Kids Cafe/Snack Program

The mission of the Kids Cafe and Afterschool Snack Program is to help alleviate child hunger by providing hungry children with nutritious meals at times when other resources are not available, such as afterschool.

Kids Cafe and Afterschool Snack Programs provide free meals and snacks to low-income children through a variety of existing community locations where children congregate such as Boys and Girls Clubs, churches or public schools.  In addition to providing meals to hungry kids, all programs also offer a safe place, where under the supervision of trustworthy staff, a child can get involved in educational, recreational and social activities that draw on existing community programs and often include family members.

The Greater Purpose Youth Center Kids Café in Tyler provides a unique opportunity for children to experience hands on, nutrition education. The first Kids Café Garden, in partnership with the Smith County Agricultural Cooperative Extension, offers children an opportunity to grow, cultivate, and eat fresh fruits and vegetables that can be expensive for families on a budget.  The children prepared the soil for planting, planted seeds and maintain the garden on a daily basis. They plan to continue the garden year round.

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